About the Journal

„Die Friedens-Warte” is the longest-standing journal in German-speaking regions in matters of peacekeeping and international organization. Since its foundation in 1899 by the later awardee of the Nobel Price of Peace Alfred H. Fried, “Die Friedens-Warte” has been a key forum for the discussion of all topics that center around scientific peace research.

Ever since the end of the East-West-conflict, peace has been no longer defined as absence of interstate violence, but as a complex concept that includes the necessary conditions making non-violent cooperation possible.

Contemporary peace research covers the dynamics and impacts of intrastate conflicts, processes of economic deprivation, climate catastrophes, international terrorism and human security. The broadening of the scope involves the broadening of the disciplines, too. Along with law and political science as traditional leading disciplines, economic and scientific as well as social-psychological and sociological analyses deliver important contributions to the respective debates in peace research: Peace research has an explicitly interdisciplinary character.

According to this understanding, notable national and international scientists from diverse fields publish specific research articles in “Die Friedens-Warte”. They address current and basic topics of peace and conflict research. Beside the communication within and between the various disciplines of peace research, the journal traditionally aims at contributing to the effort of conveying the knowledge necessary for promoting peace to the political praxis. Thus, reliability and good readability are two of the outstanding characteristics of “Die Friedens-Warte”.

The quarterly published journal has the following structure:

  • Debate: Two contributions that discuss controversially the main topic of the respective issue.
  • Articles: Usually three to four contributions to the main topic of the respective issue.
  • Further articles: Usually one to two contributions to current or basic topics of peace research.

All articles and further articles are anonymously peer reviewed by qualified experts before publication.